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Kerala mahabodhi mission Celebrate Buddha poornima on 14th and 15th may -2014 at Palakkad town and Kakkayur Buddha Temple.Bangalore Buddha Prathishtana Society President Dr.Rajanandha Moorthi Inaugurate the function. Kerala mahabodhi mission Chairman Haridas Bodh Preside all function.
Dr.Sugathan, Dr.Ajaysekher, Dr.Pavithran , Sajikumar( Boudha Mhasabha) Dr.Param anand (Bliss Maharashtra), Binoj Babu ( Trirathna  Kerala) , Jayanthan Krishnan kutty ( Trirathna Kerala) , T.P Mohanan (Bouddha Mahasabha) , took classes on different topics .
Buddha Poornima celebration at Sikshak Sadhan Palakkad

Dheeksha Programme


Dr.Sugathan's Speach

Buddha Temple at Kakkayur ( Palakkad)

Buddha poornima celebration at Kakkayur Temple

Celebration Lead by Dr.Rajananda Moorthy

Sajikumar-(Bouddha Mahasabha Kerala )Took class on the topic" Buddha dhammam Yesterday,Today,tomorrow"


Dr.Ajay sekher  took class on" historical background of Buddhism in kerala"

Honoring Dr.Ajay sekher

Dr.Param Anand took class on "our responsibilities to propagate dhammam in kerala  "

Bro.Binoj Babu took class on "our responsibilities to propagate dhammam in kerala  "

Monday, May 5, 2014

Serene Equanimity promotes imperturbable Peace:

Equanimity just looks on and observes, while calmly settled in composed neutrality.
Equanimity is characterized as promoting the aspect of impartiality among beings.
Its function is to see the equality of all beings. It is manifested as the quieting of
both resentment and approval. Its proximate cause is seeing and comprehending
the ownership and efficacy of kamma thus: All beings are owners of their actions,
born, created and conditioned by the accumulated effect of their past intentions!
Whose, if not theirs, is the choice by which they have become happy, or unhappy,
or will break free from suffering, or have fallen down from their past good state?
Equanimity succeeds, when it makes both resentment and approval subside, and it
fails, when it instead produces a bored, indifferent, & careless state of negligence
Visuddhimagga I 318
Comments:Non-involved and even Equanimity is a subtle form of happiness... By stabilization
it perfects and consummates all the other six links to awakening: Awareness,
Investigation, Energy, Joy, Tranquillity and Concentration. Equanimity is proximate
cause for knowing and seeing it, as it really is. Equanimity quenches any agitation!
When seeing and noting: 'All this is constructed, conditioned, coarse and transient!
But this state of serene equanimity is indeed exquisitely peaceful...', then instantly
ceases any arisen agreeable or nasty feeling, when Equanimity takes its stance...!

The Power of Equanimity eliminates agitation, wavering & panic!
(Self-immolation though is neither recommendable, nor Buddhist praxis..)
Serene is Equanimity...
Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest! Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]

Investigation as Way to Suprahuman Force!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
When a Bhikkhu develops the Ways to Force, that is enriched with concentrated Investigation,
constructed by effort, by thinking: In this way will my Investigation, neither be too slack, nor
too tense, it will neither be constricted internally, nor scattered externally, then he dwells
experiencing both what is in front, and what is behind, what is above, so also below, so by day,
so also by night! Therefore, with a mind all open and unrestricted, he develops the dazzling bright
mind, which is pervaded by its own internal luminosity...
What is Investigation, that is too slack?
Investigation joined with sloppy carelessness is called Investigation, that is too slack!
What is Investigation, that is too tense? Restless, hurried, agitated Investigation is called
an Investigation, that is too tense!
What is Investigation, that is constricted internally? Investigation done in laziness.
This is Investigation that is constricted internally!
What is Investigation, that is scattered externally? Investigation that in craving and urge is
directed towards the five sense pleasures. This is called Investigation that is scattered and
diverted externally!
How does one dwell experiencing both the front and what is behind?
The perception of both the front and the back side of all phenomena, is well attended to, and
thereby well comprehended, well considered, and well known by understanding...
This is Investigation, that knows both what is in the front and back!
How does one dwell seeing as below, so above; as above, so below?
One reviews this very frame of body upwards from the soles of the feet, and downwards from
the tips of the hairs, enclosed by skin, as full of many kinds of impurities: There are in this body:
Head-hairs, body-hairs, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, sinews, bones, bone-marrow, kidneys, heart, liver,
pleura, spleen, lungs, intestines, mesentery, vomit in the stomach, excrement, bile, lymph, pus, blood,
sweat, fat, tears, slime, spit, snot, joint fluid , and urine...This is Investigation,  that knows what is
below, so also above; as above, so also below...
How does one dwell as by day, so at night; as at night, so by day?
Here, at night a Bhikkhu trains the Steps to Force that is enriched with concentrated Investigation,
constructed by effort, using the same techniques, qualities, and aspects, as he trains during the day.
So does one abide as by day, so at night; as by night, so by day!
And how, does one dwell with a mind that is all open and unrestricted,  a dazzling bright mind, which is
pervaded by its own luminosity...?

Here, friends, the perception of day-light is well attended to and well resolved upon by determination.
It is in exactly this way, that one dwells with a mind, that is all open and unrestricted, a dazzling bright
 mind, which is pervaded by its own luminosity...
Investigation is a Way to Suprahuman Force!
Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:278]
section 51: The 4 Forces: Thread 20: Analysis of the Ways.
Investigation is a Way to Force!
Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest! Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]