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Feeding the Concentration Link to Awakening!

The Blessed Buddha once said:

Bhikkhus, just as this body, is sustained by feeding, exists in dependence
on feeding & cannot survive without food, so are the 7 Links to Awakening
also sustained by feeding, they can also only exist in dependence on feeding
and they cannot remain without feeding... And what, bhikkhus, is the feeding
of the emergence of any yet unarisen concentration link to awakening and
also feeding of the completion  by condensation of any arisen concentration
link to awakening? There are two signs: The sign of calm, serenity &  silence
and the sign of non-distraction and non-scatter!
Frequently giving careful and rational attention to them, is feeding arising
of any yet unarisen concentration link to awakening & also feeding of the
gradual fulfillment of any already arisen concentration link to awakening...
And what, Bhikkhus, is the starving that obstructs all emergence of a yet
unarisen concentration link to awakening & which also hinders any already
arisen Concentration Link from reaching fulfillment by development?
The sign of calm serene silence & the sign of non-distraction & non-scatter!
Not giving frequent, careful and rational attention to them; not considering
them much and often; is the starving that prevents an unarisen concentration
link to awakening from arising & also blocks any already arisen concentration
link to awakening from reaching any complete fulfillment by mental training
and progressive development by meditation...
Comments from the classical commentaries:
Focus is the characteristic of the concentration link to awakening
(Samādhi-Sambojjhanga). Ceasing of all distraction, disturbance, diversion,
agitation, mental instability and wavering is the purpose of the quality of
Concentration (Samādhi). Penetration is the manifestation of concentration.
This stability produces breakthrough to understanding! Some Concentration
is present in all consciousness. This focus can be trained by fixing attention.
Further conditions helpful for the emergence of the concentration are:1: Keeping own body, behaviour, belongings and surroundings fully clean...
2: Routine in recognizing the sign of calm and the sign of non-distraction...
3: Ballancing the abilities of energetic striving vs. concentration evenly...
4: Controlling, confining and restraining the mind, whenever necessary...
5: Pushing, prodding and exerting the mind, whenever needed...
6: Gladdening, encouraging and easing the mind, whenever suitable...
7: Looking on, just overseeing the mind in equanimity, when appropriate...
8: Avoiding unconcentrated, agitated, diffuse and scatter-minded people...
9: Friendship with concentrated people with experience in absorption...
10: Frequent reviewing of the absorptions (jhānas) and the liberations...
11: Commitment to focus mind into one-pointed absorbed concentration!
There is concentration while thinking and concentration without thinking!
Mental absorption (Jhāna) is the higher being's exquisite state!
Sources (edited extracts):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V: 65-6+102-8] 46: Links. 2+51: Group & Nutriments....
Feeding the Concentration..
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Friendship is the Greatest! Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]

Compassionate Pity cures all bitter Cruelty:

How does a Bhikkhu dwell pervading one direction with his mind endued
with compassion? Just as he would feel compassion on seeing an unlucky,
unfortunate person, so he pervades all beings with boundless compassion!
Therefore first of all, on eyeing a wretched man, deplorable, unfortunate,
in every way a fit object for compassion, horrid, reduced to utter misery,
with hands and feet cut off, sitting in the shelter for the weak & helpless
with an empty dirty pot placed before him, with maggots in all his wounds,
moaning, compassionate pity should be felt for him in this way: This being
has been reduced to misery: If only he could be freed from this suffering!
Similarly too should a Bhikkhu whose meditation subject is compassion also 
arouse compassion for any evil-&-wrong-doing person, even if he is happy now:
"Though this poor wretch is happy now, cheerful, and enjoying his wealth, but
still, since he has neglected to do even one single good deed, he can come to
experience untold suffering anytime after a downfall to the states of loss!"
Such infinitely compassionate pity he feels towards all beings and especially
both towards himself, the dear friend, the neutral one, and any hostile person,thereby breaking down the wrong attitude barrier separating these objects.

Vbh 273, Vism I 315
Compassionate Pity (Karunā), which cures all cruelty, is a divine state!Karuna_is_Pity, Endless Pity, Space_Compassion, What_is_Wrong
Safe_Medicine, Great_Compassion

What is the proximate cause of Pity?The proximate cause of Compassionate Pity (Karunā), which induces this
fine mental state, is seeing, knowing and understanding the
of most beings, since they do the wrong that causes their misery influenced
by ignorance, which blind and obstruct their understanding of right & wrong,
and influenced by greed, lust and desire, which bind and drag them despite
their struggles, and influenced by hate, aversion and opposition, which push
and burn them from inside. Thus out of self-control, they are bound to commit
wrong repeatedly, and thus later experience the resulting painful downfall...!
Compassionate Cures Cruelty..
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The Seven Advantageous Mental Qualities:

What are they?
The Faith of conviction.
The Shame of conscience.
The Fear of wrongdoing.
The Learning of intelligence.
The Energy of enthusiasm. 
The Awareness of mindfulness.
The Understanding of wisdom.
The 7 invisible Diamonds!
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Sweet is Verbal, Bodily and Mental Silence!



The Blessed Buddha once said:
Kāyamunim vācāmunim,
munim moneyyasampannam.
Āhu ninhātapāpakam.

Silenced in body, Silenced in speech,
Silenced in mind, without agitation,
blessed with silence is the sage.
Such One is truly washed of evil.
Itivuttaka 3.67


If silent as a broken bell,
such one is close to Nibbana,
and far away from arrogance.
Dhammapada 134


Agitation never helps!
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