Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kerala mahabodhi mission celebrated Buddha poornima day on may 4th at Plakkad

Kerala mahabodhi mission celebrated  Buddha poornima day on may 4th at Plakkad town and Kakkyur Buddha temple Near Koduvayur (Palakkad dist).Dr Ajaysekher -a notable historian and Prof. of Kaladi University-Inaugurated the celebration.Dhamma mithra Arun bodh,Bro.Aniruddh raman took classes on varies subjects.Keralamahabodhi mission chairman N.Haridas bodh presided.Mission also conducted spiritual programme at Kakkayur Buddha Temple.
Dr.Ajaysekher Inagurated the Buddha poornima celebration

Buddha poornima celebration at Kakkayur Buddha temple

UPASAKAS at  Buddha temple -Kakkayur


Mission honoring Dr.Ajaysekher

Mission released Buddhist Quotes in Malayalam