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Buddhist Theory agrees with Quantum Physics!

Buddhist Theory agrees with Quantum Physics!
Point 1: The fact of dependency of all phenomena and their spatial inseparability:
The arising of all entities is dependent on other entities! This is the core concept
Buddhism of co-dependent co-arising (Paticca Samuppada)  which may just be an
expression of quantum entanglement of all mental objects, all mental forms of energy.
On the illusion of space and the impossibility of causal separability please enjoy this video:
Point 2: Observation itself = mind creates/conditions the observed object in each moment!
All entities = forms of energy have TWO complementary (N. Bohr) characteristics:
1: They are particulate = local = have a definable position in space and time.
2: They are wavelike = non-local = everywhere present = no defined position in space.
Observation = mind causes the wavelike aspects to collapse into particulate existence.
Enjoy this Double Slit Experiment. Note the end difference of observation itself!

Consciousness causes the collapse of the probability wave function into manifested reality!
Point 3: There is something real apart from and outside of the dimensions of space and time:
Time & space are not conditions in which we live, but modes by which we think... Albert Einstein.
Time & space are not objective things, but mentally imposed orders of things... Leibniz
Enjoy this illustration of how we might be imprisoned in too few or too many dimensions:

Regarding the everywhere presence of consciousness humans are as naive as 2D Flatlanders!

Nibbāna is indeed an unborn and uncreated state out-side of space & time:
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Doctrine of Nibbana.
Point 4: There is not an external reality  independent of the observing mind:
Phenomena comes into being when an observer intentionally observes it!

Nibbāna is not a place. It is unchanging = without time. Yet it is real! 

As the Buddha Gotama said:

Nibbānam paranam sukham...
Nibbana is the Highest Bliss!
Dhammapada 203-4

Some further clues:
Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest!
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