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Friendly Loving Kindness Beams, Blazes and Shines!

Friendly Loving Kindness Beams, Blazes and Shines!

Mettā is defined thus: Loving-Kindness has the mode of friendliness as characteristic.
Its natural function is to promote friendliness. It manifests as disappearance of ill-will.
Its source is seeing with kindness. When succeeding, then it eliminates all angry enmity.
When it fails, then it degenerates into egocentric lust and desire. It can be practiced
anywhere and at anytime, but ideally sitting cross-legged in a quiet secluded place and
then whole-heartedly wishing, first beaming it out in front, then to the right, then back,
then to the left and finally below and above in this very effective and exhaustive way:
May I be happy and free from suffering...
May I keep myself free from hostility, trouble and thereby live happily...
May I become happy in this way by repeated training of this excellent goodwill praxis...
Just as I want happiness, absence of pain, life and not death, so do all other beings!
Therefore: May all beings become thus happy...
May all breathing things become thus happy...
May all creatures become thus happy...
May all deities become thus happy...
May all human beings become thus happy...
May all who have form become thus happy...
May all the Noble and not Noble become thus happy...
May all those in the states of deprivation become thus happy...
By being freed from all enmity, distress & anxiety, may they thus guide themselves to bliss."

The blessed Buddha often pointed out:
Bhikkhus, whatever kinds of worldly merit there are, all are not worth one 16th part of the
release of mind by infinitely universal friendliness: In shining, beaming, glow & radiance the
release of mind by infinite, immeasurable and inexhaustible friendliness far excels them all!
Itivuttaka 27

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Source: BPS Wheel no 7:
The Practice of Loving-Kindness (Metta) as taught by the Buddha in the Pali Canon.
Compiled and translated by Ñanamoli Thera.

Have a nice & noble day!

Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]

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