Friday, April 6, 2012

Starving the Hindrances!

What is Starving of the Mental Hindrances?

At Savatthi the Blessed Buddha once explained:

What, friends, is the starvation, that prevents the arising of Sense-Desire,
and blocks growth of already arisen Sense-Desire?
It is frequent and careful attention to the Disgusting Features of things!
This starvation prevents sensual lust from arising & reduces present greed…

And what, friends, is the starvation that prevents the arising of Ill-Will &
hinders aggravation and inflation of already arisen Ill-Will?
It is frequent, careful and rational attention to Universal Friendliness!
This starvation prevents aversion from arising & inhibits present anger…

And what is the starvation, that prevents arising of Lethargy-&-Laziness,
eliminates already present Lethargy-&-Laziness?
It is attention to these 3 elements of: Initiative, Launching, and Endurance!
This starvation prevents sloth from arising & stops present laziness.

And what is the starving that prevents arising of Restlessness-&-Regret,
and retards escalation of present Restlessness-&-Regret?
It is frequent attention to this sweet, calm & peaceful Tranquility of Mind!
This starvation prevents upsetting of the mind & reduces anxiety & worry…

What is the starvation that prevents the arising of Doubt-&-Uncertainty,
stops proliferation of present Doubt-&-Uncertainty?
It is frequent, careful, rational attention & evaluation of these 4 Dualities:
There are advantageous & disadvantageous states! There are blameable &
states! There are ordinary & exalted states! There are bright &
dark mental states! This starvation prevents confusion of the mind and
escalation of already present perplexity.

Memorize and "substitute as required", whenever a hindrance is noted!

More on these 5 Mental Hindrances (Nīvaranas):

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V:105-6] section 46: The Links. 51: The Nutriments...

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Friendship is the Greatest!
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