Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Unconstructed and Unchanging State!

At Savatthi the Blessed Buddha once said to his monks:
I will teach you the Unconstructed, Unconditioned & Uncreated State, &
the way leading to this unconstructed, unconditioned & uncreated state...
Listen & pay attention to that, which will lead you to lasting happiness!
And what, is this unconstructed, unconditioned and uncreated state?
The elimination of greed, the stilling of hate, & the absence of ignorance:
This is the unconstructed, unconditioned & uncreated state of Nibbāna...
And what is the good way leading to this unconstructed, unconditioned &

Awareness of the body as a collection of organs is a way to unconstruct...
The four foundations of awareness is a way to this uncreated dimension...
Serene calm and profound insight is a way to this unconditioned sphere...
Concentrated directed thought & sustained examination is such a way...
Absorption into emptiness, signlessness, and into the uninclined is a way...
The four right efforts is a way to this unconditional state...
The four roads to force is a way to this unchanging state...
The five pure abilities is a way to this unfailing state...
The five pure powers is a way to this undecaying state...
The seven links to awakening is a way to this deathless state...
The Noble 8-fold Way is a way to this immaculate state...

These are the only ways leading to the unconstructed, unconditioned and
uncreated state. Bhikkhus, I have now taught you the unconstructed, the
unconditioned, the uncreated, and the way leading to this unconstructed,
unconditioned & uncreated state. Whatever should be done, bhikkhus, by
considerate teacher out of sympathy for his disciples, wishing their sole
welfare, that I have now done for you. There are roots of trees, bhikkhus,
are empty huts. Meditate, do not neglect your meditation, bhikkhus,
you will bitterly regret it later! This is our instruction to you all...

Buddha Gotama enters Nibbāna in year 483 BC. 
More on this uncreated state - Nibbāna (Sanskrit = Nirvana):

Not a place, yet a real state of most supreme Bliss!


The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [359-62]
Section 43: On The Unconstructed. The way to the unconstructed state: 1-11.
The Uncreated State!
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