Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Contentment is the most supreme Treasure!
The Blessed Buddha often noted contentment as the highest treasure:
There is the case where a Bhikkhu is quite
content with whatever old robe,
content with whatever old almsfood, quite content with whatever hut,
and quite
content with whatever bitter medicine for curing sickness.
This Dhamma is for one who is
content, not for one who is discontent!
Thus was it said. And with reference to exactly this salient
with whatever little one has, was this simple, serene modesty well spoken...

Contentment with whatever little one has!

And how is a Bhikkhu
Just as a bird, wherever it goes, flies with its wings as its only burden,
even so is he content with a single set of robes to protect his body and
begged almsfood to pacify his hunger. Wherever he goes, he takes only
these few simple necessities as robes, belt, bowl and razor along with him.
This is how a Bhikkhu is
DN 2
There is the case where a Bhikkhu is content with whatever old robe at all,
with whatever old almsfood at all, with whatever old hut at all. He speaks in
praise of being
content with any old requisite at all. He does not, for the sake
of any requisite, do anything unsuitable or inappropriate. When not getting any
requisites, he is not troubled. When getting requisites, he just uses it without
being attached to it. He is not obsessed, blameless, and seeing the drawbacks
and dangers of possessions, he realizes the escape from them. He does not,
on account of his
contentment with any old requisite at all, exalt himself or
disparage others. Thus is he modest, clever, energetic, alert, & acutely aware!
This, Bhikkhus, is called a Bhikkhu standing quite firm in the ancient, original
lineage of the Noble Ones...
AN IV 28
Good are friends, when need arises.
Good is
contentment with just what one has.
Good is merit done well, when life is at the end.
Good is the elimination of all Suffering!

Dhammapada 331

Solitude is happiness for one who is
who has heard the Dhamma and clearly understands.
Harmlessness is happiness in all worlds!
Harmlessness towards all breathing beings.
Udana 10

Therefore be capable, upright, and straight,
easy to instruct, gentle, and not proud,
content and easy to support with little,
with few duties, living simple and light,

with peaceful abilities, mastering all,
modest, and with no greed for support.
Do not do even a minor thing that the
wise and noble would later criticize.
Sutta Nipāta I, 8
More on Contentment (santutthi), which is caused by rejoicing mutual joy:
Cause of Contentment, Calm and Content!
Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ Sri Lanka ]

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