Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Urge for Delight Ceases the Suffering!
The Venerable Migajāla once drew near to the Accomplished One, bowed,
paid his respects, sat down, and asked him: Venerable Sir, it would be good
if the Blessed One would teach me the Dhamma in brief, then I might dwell
alone, withdrawn to the forest, attentive, keen, and determined...
The Consummated Buddha then explained:
There are here, Migajāla, forms experiencable by the eye, sounds that are
experiencable by the ear, odours experiencable by the nose, many tastes
experiencable by the tongue, tactile objects experiencable by the body, 
and mental phenomena cognizable by the mind, that are quite attractive,
charming, enjoyable, pleasing, enticing, and very tantalizing. In anyone who
seeks delight in them, welcomes them, and clings to them, delight arises!
With the arising of this delight, Migajāla, there is the arising of Suffering!
In anyone who does not seek delight in them, who does not welcome them,
who does not remain holding on or clinging to them, that delight ceases...
With the ceasing of this delight, there comes the cessation of suffering...
Then Venerable Migajāla, agreeing & rejoicing in what the Buddha had said,
rose from his seat, & after having bowed for the Blessed One, keeping him
on his right, he left for the forest. There, alone, withdrawn, enthusiastic,
devoted, & resolute, Venerable Migajāla, realized it by direct experience,
himself, in this very life, by entering & abiding in that unsurpassed goal of
the Noble life for which men of good family rightly go forth from the dusty
household life into homelessness. He directly knew: Destroyed is rebirth,
the holy life has been lived, done is what had to be done, there is no state
of being beyond this! The Venerable Migajāla became one of the Arahats...

The addiction to pleasure by sensing is an obsessive slavery!
The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV 35-7
The 6 senses section 35. Thread on Delight: Migajāla Sutta (63)
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