Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is Suffering?
At Savatthi. Sitting to one side, the Venerable Radha said to the Blessed One:
Venerable sir, it is said, 'suffering, suffering, What now, venerable sir, is suffering?
Radha, all form is suffering, all feeling is suffering, all perception is suffering,
all intentional mental formation is suffering, and consciousness itself is suffering.
Understanding this, Bhikkhu, a well instructed Noble Disciple experiences disgust
towards any form, disgust towards any feeling, disgust towards any perception,
disgust towards any mental construction, & disgust towards consciousness itself!
Experiencing disgust, he becomes disillusioned! Through this disillusion his mind
is released. When mind is released, one instantly knows: This mind is liberated,
and one understands: Extinguished is rebirth, this Noble Life is all completed,
done is what should be done, there is no state of being beyond this...
These 5 clusters of clinging are what denotes both the internal 'individual'
and the 'external' “real” world. However as they continually change, no same
'self'=identity or 'substance'=reality can ever be found neither internally
nor externally...  Since always changing they are thus always lost & therefore
are they always ultimately suffering... An inner mental prison of craving for
something inevitably and spontaneously vanishing... A feverish Folly strategy…

The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha.
Samyutta Nikaya 22:55 III 185
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