Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blown here and there by Emotional Storms!


Blown here and there by Emotional Storms!
The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus, even as many winds blow turbulent in the sky, from directions
of east, west, south, & north, both dusty and dustless winds, both cold &
hot winds, both mild & forceful winds, even so do also all the many various
feelings arise in this body: Pleasant, painful & neither-painful-nor-pleasant
feelings perpetually emerge and agitate the mind...
Just as many diverse winds, storms here and there across the sky,
So in this very body: The many types of various feelings arise,
Both pleasant, painful, and those neither painful nor pleasant.
Yet when a determined Bhikkhu does not neglect aware and clear
comprehension, then such intelligent one fully understands these
feelings and all their complex aspects of dependency...
All provoked, induced and arised from sense contact!
Instantly vanishing, when this same contact ceases!
Having fully understood feelings, he is freed of all hidden mental
fermentation, even in this very life.. Remaining in this state, at the
body's breakup, such Mind-Master cannot ever even be imagined...

Pleasant feeling attracts and thus induces greed...
Painful feeling averts and thus produces hate...
Neither-painful-nor-pleasant neutral feeling
causes neglect & generates thus ignorance... 
All converges on Feeling (Vedanā):
Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [219]
section 36: On Feeling: Vedana. The Sky: Akasam. 12.
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