Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Compassionate Pity cures all bitter Cruelty:

Compassionate Pity cures all bitter Cruelty:

How does a Bhikkhu dwell pervading one direction with his mind endued
compassion? Just as he would feel compassion on seeing an unlucky,
person, so he pervades all beings with boundless compassion!
Therefore first of all, on eyeing a wretched man, deplorable, unfortunate,
in every way a fit object for compassion, horrid, reduced to utter misery,
with hands and feet cut off, sitting in the shelter for the weak & helpless
with an empty dirty pot placed before him, with maggots in all his wounds,
moaning, compassionate pity should be felt for him in this way: This being
has been reduced to misery: If only he could be freed from this suffering!
Similarly too should a Bhikkhu whose meditation subject is compassion also
arouse compassion for an evil-wrong-doing person, even if he is happy now:
Though this poor wretch is now happy, cheerful, & enjoying his wealth, but
still, since he has neglected to do even one single good deed, he can come to
experience untold suffering anytime after a downfall to the states of loss!
Such infinitely compassionate pity he feels towards all beings and especially
both towards himself, the dear friend, the neutral one, & the hostile person,
thereby breaking down the wrong attitude barrier separating these objects.

Vbh 273, Vism I 315

Compassionate Pity (Karunā), which cures all cruelty, is a divine state!
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Friendship is the Greatest!
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