Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pure Morality is a Happy Habit!

Morality is the Cause of No Regrets and thus Gladness!

What are the Advantages of Morality?
The Gladness of No Regrets and No Remorse!
Wealth well acquired by righteous diligence!
The Fine Fame of a Good Reputation!
The Purity of a Clean Conscience...
Assured and Natural Self-Confidence in any assembly!
Neither confusion, nor any panic at the moment of death!
A Happy and occasionally even Divine Destiny after death!

What are the Similes of Morality?
Morality is like a good foothold!
Morality is like a purifying bath!
Morality is like a solid cement foundation!
Morality is like a key to success!Morality is like a cool breeze!
Morality is like a hidden fortune!
Morality is like a scent drifting even against the wind!
Morality is like a staircase to heaven!
Morality is like an aura of fine radiance!
Morality is like an innocent and rapturous joy!
Morality is like a much respected fame!

Source: The Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga.
Written by 'the great explainer' Ven. Buddhaghosa in 5th century AC.

More on this Basic First Cause of all Good: Morality (Sīla)!

Have a nice & noble day!

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