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Times of India, Feb 14, 2012, 04.26PM IST


The Buddhist Caves of Ajanta, located in Maharashtra, India, were built between 200BC to 600AD almost 300 years after the death of The Buddha. The caves and their sculptures were developed over a period of 800 years, but went abandoned and forgotten until rediscovered in 1819 by Captain John Smith of the 24 Madras Cavalry.

According to the report, John Smith discovered the caves whilst on a hunting trip to the region, the caves were full of debris and inhabited by wild animals. He reported the find at London in 1821. Later when it was confirmed that the finding are worth preserving, Major Robert Gill was commissioned to make copies of the murals, a project he worked on for several years.

‘Ajintha’ – The Film is a period film of 18th century which revolves around, exploring the truth of Ajanta and love story of British officer who fell in love with the Indian villager. The film reveals the truth of who really explored the Ajanta caves and the striking paintings. Challenging the pages of history the film will give a complete new aspect for people to think. The strong research and real study is revealed through this movie, which say a local adivasi girl named Paro from Lenapur, the village closest to the caves played an important role for the British officer to find the essence Ajanta Caves which later became renowned for exotic paintings, impressive architecture and long-forgotten history.

The film will give the glimpses of the true epic story, a girl who became the major inspiration of Major Robert Gill, sufferer of the misery and their untold love story…

The film is a brain child of the noted and internationally acclaimed Production Designer and Producer Nitin Chandrakant Desai. This film will be Nitin Desai’s directorial debut with eminent personalities of the film fraternity.

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