Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Final Tools!

What are the 3 Steps to irreversible Happiness?

If Awareness by Breathing is frequently trained & refined over a period,
4 Foundations of Awareness are gradually completed and all perfected...

If the 4 Foundations of Awareness are frequently trained and fully refined,
7 Links to Awakening are gradually completed and entirely perfected ...

If the 7 Links to Awakening are quite frequently trained and all refined,
Release by Knowing is gradually completed & finally entirely perfected ...
Only this release induced by understanding - itself - is the End of Suffering ...

Understanding Frees!

Details are found in the Meditation Manual given below:

Understanding Sees Light!

The Middle Length Sayings of the Buddha. Majjhima Nikāya. Sutta 118.

The Final Tools!

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