Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No Craving = No Suffering!

No Craving is the Ceasing of all Suffering!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
What, now, is this Noble Truth on the Elimination of all Suffering?
It is the complete fading away & irreversible elimination of all Craving,
the rejection & leaving of it, & the liberating release from it!
SN 56:11

But where may this craving vanish, where may it be extinguished?
Wherever in the world, there are delightful and pleasurable things!
Right there and then may this craving be overcome, and quenched...
DN 22

Be it in the past, the present, or in any future, whatever true recluse
considers all delightful, attractive & pleasurable things in this world
as impermanent anicca, as miserable dukkha, & as without a self anatta,
as diseases & as cancers, it is he who conquers craving...
SN 12:66

By final fading away and elimination of craving, clinging also ceases;
By the elimination of clinging, the process of becoming also ceases;
By the elimination of the process of becoming, rebirth also ceases;
Through the elimination of all rebirth, all decay, ageing & death!,
sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief, & despair is finally extinguished...
Only that is the eradication of this entire mass of Suffering...
SN 12:43

Have a nice & noble day!
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