Saturday, June 21, 2014

The 4 Brahmavihâras deliver mind to a Higher State!


The Blessed Buddha once said:
The Noble Disciple, Bhikkhus and friends, who is freed from greed and grudge,
unconfused, alert, attentive and clearly comprehending, with mind filled up by
kind friendliness ..., by compassionate pity ..., by altruistic joy ... and finally by
imperturbable equanimity, pervades first one direction, then the 2nd, the 3rd,
and then the 4th one, and just as above, so also below, across and all around!
Thus sympathetic with all beings, embracing all living, he pervades the whole world,
and the entire universe with a vast mind, refined, infinite, freed from all hate and
any ill-will. And he understands: Formerly my mind was limited and undeveloped...
Now, however, is my mind unlimited and developed, and no limited behaviour based
on a narrow, restricted intention, favourizing this, while rejecting that, will remain!
What do you think, Bhikkhus and friends: If a boy from his early childhood develops
kind friendliness, compassionate pity, altruistic joy, and imperturbable equanimity,
will he then still be able to do bad, evil or wrong deeds? No, Venerable One...
But, if he no longer does bad, or wrong deeds, will suffering then still attack him?
Certainly not. Venerable One..
How should anyone, who is doing no evil actions, ever still be attacked by suffering!
Therefore should kind friendliness .. compassionate pity .. altruistic joy and subtle
imperturbable equanimity be developed, by all men, women and conscious beings!
No man, or woman, on leaving this life, can keep this body. Any mortal has only his
mind as base, foundation, essence, mediator, creator, controller and protector!
The Bhikkhu, however, knows: Whatever formerly I have done of bad deeds with
this material body, all that I still have to atone for here, and after that, then nothing
of it will follow me. So developed, the release of the mind by kind friendliness,
by compassionate pity, by altruistic joy ... and by imperturbable equanimity,
leads to Never-Return, unless the wise monk already during this life penetrates
to a higher deliverance than that!
Source: The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya 10:208

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The Higher Deliverance!
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