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Faith is the Seed, Hand, & Wealth of Beings!

Faith is the Seed, Hand, & Wealth of Beings!

What is real Richness?
Bhikkhus, when a Noble Disciple possesses 4 things, then he is said to be rich,
much wealth and prosperous property. What four?
Here, Bhikkhus, a Noble Disciple possesses the faith of confirmed confidence
the Supreme Buddha ... in the Perfect Dhamma ... and in the Noble Sangha....
He possesses the moral purity that is praised by the Noble Ones, unbroken ...
unspotted ... untorn ... pure ... intact ... leading to absorbed concentration....
Any Noble Disciple, who possesses these 4 things is indeed really quite rich,
with much heavy wealth and a lush and vast property.... SN V 402
Buddha to the Ploughman:
Faith is my seed, simplicity the rain, Understanding my yoke and plough,
Modesty is pole, and mind is the strap, Awareness is my ploughshare & goad!
Sn 77
Suffering is the cause of Faith...
Elated Joy is the effect of Faith... Entrance is the function of Faith...
Trusting is the characteristic of Faith...
Decisiveness is the manifestation of Faith...
Faith is the Hand, that lifts one out of Suffering...
Faith is the Seed, that makes one grow much good Future...
Faith is the Real Wealth, since it produces the best Advantage...
Vism XIV 140
How does Faith save one from pain?
When one has faith in the Tathagata, Unshakable and quite well established,
And good behaviour built on morality, Liked by the Noble Ones and praised!
When one has confidence in the Sangha, And a view straight and clear!
Then they say, that one is not poor, That one's life is not wasted...
Therefore should any intelligent person, aware of the Buddha-Dhamma,
devoted to the fine faith & moral purity, which gives confirmed conviction
in this safe saving Dhamma.
SN V 405
Alavaka once asked the Blessed Buddha:
What wealth here is best for any man? What well practiced brings happiness?
What is the sweetest of all the flavours? How lived, is this life best?

The Buddha:
Faith is the best wealth here for any human!
Dhamma well practiced brings happiness! Nothing is sweeter than truth.
A wise life lived in understanding is best...

How does one cross the flood of ills? How is the ocean of existence crossed?
How is all suffering stilled? How is one purified?

The Buddha:
By Faith is the flood of evil crossed! By attention is this existence crossed!
By effort is all suffering stilled! By wisdom one is finally purified!
Sn 182-184
For fine further Faith (Saddhā)  please see:
Faith is therefore the only Real Richness!
The first and prime Mental Wealth...

Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest!
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