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The Three Basic Kinds of Feeling!

The Three Basic Kinds of Feeling!
The blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus and friends, there are these three feelings... What three?

1: Pleasant feeling,
: Painful feeling,
3: Neutral neither-painful-nor-pleasant feeling.

These are the three basic feelings! A disciple of the Buddha, aware,
focused, clearly comprehending, understands these three feelings.
And contact as the cause of any feeling. When contact ceases they
away & vanish. The Noble Way is leading to their elimination.
With the final quenching of feeling, one is freed of all yearning and
fully stilled...

Whether feeling is pleasant, painful or neither-painful-nor-pleasant,
whether internal or external; whatever kind of feeling there is:
Knowing: This is Suffering, perishing, momentary, disintegrating...
Having been touched and contacted by them, noting their instant
, their transience, one gradually loses all passion for them...

There are these three basic feelings. What three?
Pleasant feeling, painful feeling, and neutral feeling.
Pleasant feeling causes craving towards the felt object!
Painful feeling causes craving away from the felt object!
Neutral feeling causes craving for something else, than the object!
All mental states converges on this very felt quality of feeling...

All converges on Feeling (Vedanā):

From Sense Contact arises all Feeling!
Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book IV [204-5] 36: feeling. Vedanā. Focused on Pleasure. 1-2.
Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest!
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