Friday, February 5, 2010

What are the 8 Training Rules (Precepts), which brings Divinity?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
The habitual praxis of the observance day endowed with eight features
brings high reward and blessing, & is of sublime dignity and greatness.
And which are these eight features? Here, any Noble Disciple considers
within himself: Throughout their life the Arahats avoid the killing of any
living being, they do not hurt any of them. Without stick or any weapon,
tender-hearted, gentle, caring, & mild they think only of the welfare of
all living beings! So will also I, this day and night, avoid the killing and
hurting of all living and breathing beings. Without any cudgel or weapon,
tender-hearted, full of kindness, I will think only on the joyous welfare
of all living beings and creatures. In this regard I will follow the Arahats,
& I shall observe this observance day praxis perfectly! With this first
praxis is the observance day enriched. Observed in this very way, the
observance day endowed with eight features brings high - even divine -
reward & blessing & is of sublime dignity and immense greatness...
All sentient beings feel pain from violence...
All sentient beings fear death in panic!
Seeing other beings are like oneself;
Treating other beings like oneself;
One should never ever harm or kill ...
Dhammapada 129

Whoever never injures, neither with weapon nor stick,
beings searching for their happiness - when after death -
seeking same happiness, such gentle one always gains it!
Dhammapada 132

Harmlessness protects Everyone!
The one who has left all violence,
who never harms any being at all,
whether they are moving or still,
who neither kill, nor causes to kill,
such one, harmless, is a Holy One.
Dhammapada 405


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