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Buddhist site found in EG district

Buddhist site found in EG district

Deccan Herald
January 7, 2012 By DC Correspondent Rajahmundry

Archaeology authorities have found a Buddhist site at Kummarilova of Tuni in East Godavari recently.

During a general survey carried out recently in the area, they found several Buddhist relics of the Satavahana period. They found bricks, redware pottery, lead coins and other relics during preliminary excavations carried out to ascertain the status of the site.

They have prepared a report on their findings and attached it with photographic evidence, to send it to the director, state archaeology department, to obtain permission for excavations at the site and also for release of funds for taking up excavation works.

The authorities intend to develop it as a Buddhist site. They have also got sanction to continue excavation works at other Buddhist sites located at Jagatipadu of Polaka mandal in Srikakulam district, Phanigiri of Nalgonda district and also at Kotilingala of Karimnagar district this summer.

The authorities maintain that they found Buddhist relics like ‘Padukalu’ and others of the Hinayana sect at Jagatipadu while at Phanigiri, relics including sculptures and images were found of the Mahayana sect.

Buddhist relics belonging to both sects were found at Kotilingala.

Archaeology authorities intend to develop these sites as Buddhist sites by setting up museums at each site to preserve all the relics found during excavation in addition to strengthening infrastructure like providing amenities for tourists. Watch and ward staff will also be appointed at the sites for regular maintenance.

The proposed renovation and development of as many as 53 sites comprising ancient temples and historically significant places in both East and West Godavari districts at a cost of Rs 4.4 crore at the behest of Minister for Tourism Vatti Vasantha Kumar is pending for release of budget.

Archaeology authorities say that once the budget is released, they will take up works including providing basic amenities at these sites.

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