Saturday, January 28, 2012

“Kusa – Paba” from today

by Buddhist art news

Thursday, 26 January 2012 13:07

"Kusa - Paba" a movie based on a buddhist theme is on show from today (26) onwards at EAP cinemas.

The movie unfolds a story of one of Prince Siddhartha’s previous births, one in which he was born with a disfigured face and had to woo the most beautiful princess in the land. Renowned art personality Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne brings the story to the wide screen. The script which is penned by Dr. Tissa Abeysekara is believed to be the last film script he had worked on before passing away.
The Kusa Jathaka is the 523th Jathaka story in the 550 Jathaka book. Indian folktales came to Sri Lankan with Arahant Mahinda Thera’s visit.

Versatile artiste Jackson Anthony will be portraying King Kusa’s role.Pooja Umarshanker plays the role of Paba in the movie. The locations are in Ranminithanna Tele Cinema Village. Kusa Paba is the first Sri Lankan film made in Ranminithanna.

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