Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Flash in, splash out...

Only Momentary Causes & Effects passes by...

Life, person, pleasure, pain, just these join in a conscious moment that flicks by.
Even gods, that live for 84.000 aeons, are not the same even for 2 such moments!
Ceased aggregates of those dead & alive are all alike, gone for never to return...
And those states and accumulations that break up meanwhile, and in any future,
have no traits different from those ceased before. All states are equally brief!
No world is born if consciousness is not produced! When consciousness is present,
the world appears as living! When consciousness dissolves, the world is dead!
This is the highest sense, this concept of ever blinking re-becoming, can justify...
No store of broken states exist anywhere, & no future stock of states to come!
Those phenomena that are momentarily born balance like seeds on a needle point.
Fall and breakup of all states is surely foredoomed, even at their fleeting birth...
Those present states decay now, unmingled with those past states, just gone by.
They come from nowhere, break up, & back to nowhere they inevitably then go...
Reality flash in & then flash out, as a lightning in the sky... Not ever to be kept!!!
Even for a single moment! Vism 625, Nd I 42

Momentary states flashes in and then immidiately flashes out!

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