Saturday, March 17, 2012

Did The Universe Have A Creator?

If there is an immovable prime mover of all things,
how can it move any one thing, including itself?
As such, the universe is an interdependent web [network]
of moving [changing] physical and psychical parts.

- Stonepeace

From “Why ‘Intelligent Design’ Lacks Intelligence (The Daily Enlightenment Book 3)” – “Ironically, if it is a rule that ‘there must be a creator’, it means that this uncreated rule precedes the ‘creator’. This rule, being a law of nature, implies that nature precedes the ‘creator’, that no ‘creator’ can precede nature. Since nature precedes the ‘creator’, the ‘creator’ is of course not the ‘creator’ of nature. This simple proof shows that no one can create nature, and that there can be no ‘creator’.” Nature thus naturally ‘is’, while it allows for natural and willed (d)evolution of its inhabitants and the universe itself.

A ‘creator’ by definition is not the created. But what if there is a ‘creator’ who is part of nature? If ‘he’ is part of nature, how can ‘he’ create it? For instance, a painted character in a painting cannot paint the whole painting, that includes ‘himself’. The painter cannot be (part of) that painted. The painter must precede the painting, just as the ‘creator’ before nature. Yet, there cannot be a ‘creator’ who precedes nature, as shown by the proof in the excerpt. And if a ‘creator’ is already part of nature, there will be no need (or ability) to create nature. This again proves there can be no ‘creator’.

Also, to say a ‘creator’ is part of nature means ‘his’ essence is (omnipresent) within nature. The immeasurable suffering due to countless natural disasters in history however implies that if such a ‘creator’ exists, ‘he’ is not omnipotent, omni-benevolent or omniscient, as ‘he’ fails (to know how) to prevent any disaster with ‘his’ power, compassion and wisdom. Are we, if we are the created, instead to blame for such suffering? Surely, the inherent faults or fallibility of a ‘creator’s creation’ arise from the ‘maker’, and not from the created. So it seems, as the Buddha suggested, such a ‘creator’ idea was created from the lack of enlightenment.

We (re)create ourselves and the universe
from moment to moment with our
individual and collective thoughts, words and deeds.

- Stonepeace

He who has eyes can see the sickening sight;
Why does not Brahma [equivalent to creator God idea] set his creatures right?
If his wide power no limit can restrain [if he is omnipresent and omnipotent],
Why is his hand so rarely spread to bless?
Why are all his creatures condemned to pain?
Why does he not to all give happiness?
Why do fraud, lies, and ignorance prevail [if he is omni-benevolent]?
Why triumphs falsehood — truth and justice fail?
I count your Brahma one the unjust among
Who made a world in which to shelter wrong.

- Bhuridatta Jataka, No. 453

If there exists some lord all-powerful to fulfill
In every creature bliss or woe, and action good or ill,
That lord is stained with sin.
The human being does but work his will.

– Mahabodhi Jataka, No. 528

sourse: daily enlightenment

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