Thursday, March 22, 2012

Entanglement means that all phenomena are connected!

Video: Entanglement means that all phenomena are connected!

Any change, physical as mental, induces non-local compensatory changes
in the entire universe instantaneously, due to entanglement of all quanta
of energy since the big bang. This is the physical reason for the karmic law:
Doing good induces future pleasure, while Doing evil begets induces future pain.
That is local cause and non-local effect!

Video: The Participant Observer in the Double Slit Experiment

The Consciousness of the Participant Observer changes whether light
photons, electrons, neutrons and whatever quanta of energy behave
like discrete local particles or like interfering, continuous, & non-local
waves! Mind creates and conditions matter. All emerges from and IS
forms of information embedded in energy: "It from bit"..

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