Sunday, September 30, 2012

Avoiding all Controversies allows inner Peace!

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The brahmin Māgandiya asked the Buddha about how to find inner peace:

Mental purity is neither caused by particular views, nor by learning, nor by
knowledge, nor even by perfect morality. Neither by absence of right view,
missing learning, lack of knowledge, or tainted morality, not by that either!
Discarding all these oppositions, detached, calmed, independent, one stops
longing for any form of existence... Whoever thinks himself equal, superior,
or inferior, he will dispute on that account! But the imperturbable one does
not enter any self-deceit! Since for such one, there is no I-Me-Self or Ego
how much less can there then ever be any equal, inferior or superior I-Ego!
Leaving home, wandering homeless, not making acquaintances in any village,
free from desire for sensual pleasures, showing no preferences, such sage
will never engage in any controversy. One who really knows does not become
proud because of any particular view, learning, thought, or experience, for
he is not tied to, influenced by, or led by any of these momentary illusions..
He is completely released through his understanding. But those who cling to
certain experiences and particular views wander about causing controversy!
Sutta-Nipāta 839-842-844-846-847 Edited excerpt.
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This true speech made Māgandiya and his wife never-returners (Anāgāmins).
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Without Controversy!
Have a nice & noble day!
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