Saturday, September 8, 2012

Serene Zen Solitude Amongst White Clouds

Documentary about Buddhist Hermits in the Chinese mountains.
Extracts from the award winning film: "Amongst White Clouds" by Edward A. Burger about
Buddhist hermit monks living in remote hermitages in China's Zhongnan Mountains.

Some fine pearls: "Put all your mind into it, but don't think...", "This reckless deluded mind",
Leaving the world is a way of returning to it...", "Holding on to this self is birth & death",
"Everyone has this precious jewel opportunity to awaken", "Work is spiritual cultivation",
"Don't fear it, don't hurt it", "Let go of it all: Examine yourself & meditate quietly!",
Don't follow your old habits: Observe you mind",  "We planted seeds in the past",
"When old your body won't list to you anymore, then it's too late to practice",
The Buddha is like a wise Doctor and all beings are like sick patients..."
"Why did you come here ...?", "There is nothing more to say..."

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