Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Energy Boosts Advantageous Right Effort!

By energy, one strives and struggles, thus is it enthusiastic effort.
Any advantageous exertion of endeavour is a right effort.
By Energy, one works in the right direction, thus is it right effort.
Energy is Right, because it eliminates all the ugly and evil mentalities!
Energy is Effort, because it brings progress of well-being and bliss!
Thus is it Right Effort... It is a name for Energy... Viriya!
Energetic Right Effort achieves these four functions:
1: Elimination of already arisen detrimental mental states!
2: Preventing the arising of detrimental states, that have not yet arisen!
3: Initiation of advantageous mental states, that have not yet arisen!
4: Maintenance & expansion of already arisen advantageous mental states!
Thus is it fourfold. That is why it is called the 4 right efforts...
For a full Study on Energy (Viriya): The root Hero of all Success:

Source:  The Path of Purification:
Visuddhimagga by Ariya Buddhaghosa from 5th century AC.
Energy Boosts Effort!
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