Friday, January 11, 2013

The Twin Truths won by Dual Consideration:

The blessed Buddha once said:
Friends, the first clever consideration is:
Such is Suffering, and This is the Cause of Suffering.
Another consequent and subsequent consideration is:
Such is the End of Suffering, and This is the Way to end Suffering.
One who lives considering these cautiously, resolutely & enthusiastically,
may either enter the state of Nibbāna  right here & now in this very life,
or if there is remaining traces of clinging, the state of non-return...
Those who neglect understanding Suffering, The Cause of Suffering,
The End of Suffering, & The Way all Suffering is completely eliminated,
are incapable of release by understanding, are incapable of mental release,
are incapable of direct knowledge, & are thereby incapable of making an end...
While those who undertake to develop real understanding of This Suffering,
The Cause of Suffering, The End of Suffering, & The Way to End Suffering,
are indeed capable of mental release by understanding, direct knowledge,
and thus also capable of making an end...


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Source: The Bundle of Threads. The Sutta-Nipāta 724-765āta/index.html
Dual Consideration!
Have a nice & noble day!
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