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Gradually Dawns the Dhamma!

Gradually Dawns the Dhamma!

The Buddha once told Ānanda:
Ānanda, it is not easy to teach the Dhamma to others.
One should consider five things before teaching Dhamma to others.
What five? One should teach thinking:
1: I will teach the Dhamma gradually starting with the most simple.
2: I will teach about the cause & effect of doing what is advantageous.
3: I will teach from and about gentle kindness out of genuine sympathy.
4: I will teach Dhamma not for the sake of gain, fame or admiration.
5: I will teach Dhamma without hurting or harming myself and others.
Ānanda, it is not easy to teach the Dhamma to others.  One should
these five things before teaching Dhamma to others.
Anguttara Nikāya III.184

Just as the ocean has a gradual deepening sloping off the continental
shelf, with a sudden drop-off only after a long stretch, exactly in the
same way, is this Doctrine and Discipline (dhamma-vināya) a gradual
training, a gradual development, a gradual progression, with a sudden
penetration to understanding only after a long stretch. Udāna 5.5
The Buddha's teaching is build upon this way of gradual development.
His method of "gradual instruction" (anupubbi-katha),  and "gradual
training" (anupubbi-sikkha) makes the practitioner at each stage of
development discover new and ever deeper & more important aspects
of the law of cause-&-effect kamma, the cornerstone of Right View.
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