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What is the Equanimity link to Awakening?

    What is the Equanimity link to Awakening?

Even evaluation is a characteristic of the equanimity link to awakening.
(Upekkhā-Sambojjhanga). Preventing both deficiency and excess thereby
securing impartiality is the function of equanimity. Imperturbable ballance
is the serene and placid manifestation of the equanimity link to awakening.
Equanimity just looks on in calm, whenever new phenomena arise and cease.
This stable, yet plastic patience purifies all the other advantageous mental
states, which reach a completed maximum, when joined with Equanimity...

Equanimity (Upekkhā) is a moderating mental construction.
Equanimity is also a mood of neither gladness, nor sadness.
Equanimity is also a feeling of neither pain, nor pleasure.
Equanimity is also the neutral ability to be indifferent.
Equanimity is also the 4th infinitely divine dwelling.
Equanimity is also a quite high form of happiness.
Equanimity is also a refined mental purification.
Equanimity is therefore a Link to Enlightenment...
There is Equanimity both regarding live beings, and dead things.
There is Equanimity both regarding all internal, and external states.
There is Equanimity both regarding all past, present, and future times.
There is Equanimity both regarding all mentality, and all materiality.
The Buddha once said:
What mental fermentations (āsava) should be overcome by development?
If a Bhikkhu by alert and rational attention develops the equanimity link
to awakening based on seclusion, disillusion, and ceasing, culminating in full
renouncing relinquishment, then neither can any mental fermentation, nor
can any fever or discontent ever arise in him. MN2 [i 11]
When mind is concentrated, then one can observe all closely in equanimity.
The equanimity link to awakening arises right there. One develops it, & for
anyone regularly meditating, equanimity gradually completes its evolution.
MN118 [iii 85]

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