Monday, July 16, 2012

What is this imperative Right Speech?

The Noble Eightfold Way, leading to Nibbāna, is simply this:
Right View, Right Motivation, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood,
Effort, Right Awareness, and Right Concentration.
But what is Right Speech ?
          The 4-fold Definition of Right Speech is:
          1: Avoiding all lying, pretending and any false speech...
          2: Abstaining from any kind of divisive or splitting talk...
          3: Refraining from all aggressive or irritated scolding...
          4: Stilling of any idle and empty gossiping...
          That is Right Speech!
The Characterization of Noble Speech:
Eliminating any false speech any Noble Friend dwells avoiding all lies,
a truth-speaker, one to be relied on, trustworthy, loyal, not a deceiver
of the world. Abstaining from malicious speech, he does not tell them there,
he has heard about those here, or repeat here, what he heard there,
harming those there. Thus is he a reconciling diplomat stilling all quarrels.
The Noble Friend is rejoicing in peace, loving it, delighting in it, one who
peace. Abandoning all harsh and aggressive speech he refrains
it. He speaks whatever is blameless and pleasing to the ear, agreeable,
the heart, elegant, gratifying and appealing to the many.
Discarding idle and empty chatter, he speaks at the right time & only about
is correct, advantageous & to the point, of Dhamma and self-control.
He is a speaker, whose words are to be treasured and remembered, timely,
, well-defined, well-formulated, beneficial and leading to the goal...
This is Right and Noble Speech!

Buddha once noted:
Man is born with an axe in his mouth, whereby he cuts himself down!
The Ten Advantageous Subjects:
Talk on the Modesty of having few wants,
Talk on the Bliss of Contentment,
Talk on the Joy of Seclusion,
Talk on the Ease of Disentanglement,
Talk on the Energy of Enthusiasm,
Talk on the Advantage of Morality,
Talk on the Calm of Concentration,
Talk on the Insight of Understanding,
Talk on the Freedom of Release,
Talk on the Direct Knowledge and Vision of Release ...
Such is Right Speech!
The many kinds of Pointless Talk (also today called NEWS!):
Such as talk on kings, robbers, ministers, armies, dangers, wars,
foods, drinks, clothing, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, relatives,
vehicles, villages, towns, cities, countries, women, heroes, places,
amusements, the dead, trifles, the origin of the world, the origin
of the sea, whether metaphysical things are so, or are not so...
Such talk is pointless, irrelevant, detrimental, empty of any good...
 Divisive Gossip!
Knowing right and wrong speech as right and wrong speech, is right view.
Awareness of presence of right and wrong speech, is right awareness.
Exchanging wrong speech with right speech, is right effort...
What is Right Speech?
Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]

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