Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Liberation means Leaving all States!

Any greed, lust, desire, longing, urge, hankering, hoping or wishing for this or
that state must be made to fade away absolutely, enabling mind to be fully
released and thus liberated by the elimination of all greed. All states of the 3
planes (sensual, fine-material and formless existence) is meant all-inclusively,
since it is necessary not to omit anything suitable for complete comprehension.
The Blessed One said: Bhikkhus, without directly knowing, without fully under-
standing all, without causing the fading away of any greed for this all, without
leaving it all behind, the mind is incapable of the full destruction of suffering!
Bhikkhus, it is by directly knowing, by fully understanding all, by causing the
fading away of greed for it, by abandoning it, that the mind becomes capable
of the irreversible complete destruction of all suffering! SN IV 17

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Leaving All States Behind!
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