Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Remembering Death is Daily Buddhist Routine!

The Blessed Buddha once said:

Just as the mighty Himalayan mountains
Are high, all-expansive, & weighing heavily;
Just so do ageing & death suppress & defeat
All living beings in this world, whether divine,
rich, warrior, priest, trader, slave, or sweeper!
Not sparing anyone whatsoever,
Crushing anybody that is found!
Source: SN 3:25

The Most Precious Altar of our Temple:
Soon this fragile body will fall to the ground,
lifeless, cast aside, without any consciousness,
stiff, cold & useless like a rotten log of wood ...
Dhammapada 41

Whosoever knows this body
to be as temporary as a bubble,
as insubstantial as a mirror image,
May  break Mara's honey tipped arrows and
Can thus not be seen by this evil King of Death ...
Dhammapada 46

Big Surprise!
Death carries off the folly man while distracted
by gathering various flowers of sensual pleasure,
even & exactly so as the huge tsunami wave runs
all over and carries away the sleeping village.
Dhammapada 47

In the ultimate sense, beings have only a very short moment to live:
Only as long as one single moment of consciousness lasts!
Just as the cart wheel, in rolling forward as in standing still,
every time rests merely on one point of its rim: just so does any life
of any being last only as long as a single moment of consciousness lasts!
As soon as this moment is gone, that momentary being is also all gone...
One is therefore reborn millions of times in each second!
For as it was said by the ancient elders:
All life and all existence here is blinking & momentary,
All life's engaged involvement, its joy and all its pain,
Depends all only on one single discrete state of mind,
And quickly that moment passes by, for never to return...
Source: Visuddhimagga VIII,1
Game Over Ever Again!
Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest! Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]

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