Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Natural Bliss!

When there is No Need for anything at All:
The Buddha said on the need for Bliss:  Friends, for the virtuous one, correctly behaving, completed in morality, there is no need to wish:
 “May I enjoy a clear conscience”, since the right action, of correct behaviour completed by
 purifying morality, naturally results in the arising of a clear conscience.
Friends, for the moral one of clear conscience, there is no need to wish: “May gladness pervade me”,
since any clear conscience spontaneously is followed by the appearance of
joyous gladness!
Friends, for the glad one there is no need to wish: “May rapture thrill me”,
since gladness automatically excites exalted rapture. 
Friends, for the enraptured one there is no need to wish: “May calm tranquillity still me”,
since rapture inherently simply evaporates all urge and frustrated restlessness. 
Friends, for one dwelling in serene tranquillity there is no need to wish: “May pleasure perfuse me”,
since abiding calmly in tranquil ease all by itself, makes one delight in pleasure.
Friends, for one perfused by pleasure there is no need to wish: “May I be absorbed in concentration”,
since a mind filled with pleasure effortlessly & smoothly condenses into a single focused unification!
Friends, for one concentrated there is no need to wish: “May I understand reality as it actually develops”,
since the undistracted concentrated mind efficiently penetrates phenomena & causes as they really are.
Friends, for one knowing & seeing reality there is no need to wish: “May disgusted disillusion detach me”,
since seeing reality & knowing how it always becomes, induces detachment by disgusted disillusion.
Friends, for one detached by disillusion there is no need to wish: “May I realize final mental release
through absolute knowledge & vision”, since such disgusted disillusion, friends, naturally, readily, easily,
essentially & characteristically culminates in the matchless, unsurpassable & supreme releasing liberation
by complete knowledge & vision. Yeah, so mighty is morality!

The Buddha on more Bliss:

The Numerical Sayings of the Buddha: Anguttara Nikāya V 2-3

Have a nice & noble day!
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