Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Any BODY is a transient FOUL FRAME of FLESH!

Repeated corpse-contemplation and skeleton meditation is the classic Early Buddhist
antidote gradually warding of the all too common vices such as sex-obsession, porn-
addiction, compulsive-overeating, obesity, careless consumerism, vanity, and all other
equally detrimental forms of greed (Lobha). Technique: One visually memorizes the most
repulsive & disgusting corpse-picture on this video in all detail and full colour and then
mindfully re-directs mind to this internally memorized image whenever greed, lust, and
desire re-arises. This makes these disadvantageous forms of craving evaporate  instantly.
One has thereby gained an OFF-button enabling a self-control otherwise difficult to win
in the battle against pleasure-mania & compulsive self-destructive behaviour. Notably:
This No-Greed-Stop-Lust option enables real mental freedom and thus also peaceful

Links to Early Buddhist Body-Contemplation (Kayagata-Sati):
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