Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Body = Bag of Bones!

Mahãmoggallãna on the Foul Body:
You ragged shed of a chain of bones, sewn together with flesh and sinews.
Fie upon you evil-smelling body worshipping those who have another's limbs.

You bag of shit, tied up with skin, you demon with lumps on your chest...
Nine holes is there in you body, ever streaming with disgusting things...

You body, with your nine oozing holes, makes an evil smell and is all brimful
of smelly mess. Any Bhikkhu desiring purity avoids this putrid form as one
any stinking heap of rotten excrement...

If any person knew you body, as I know you, he would violently avoid you,
far away, as one avoids a fetid toilet-pit in the rainy season...

This is so, Great Hero, as you say, Ascetic and here many sink down as an
drowning bull in deep, wet, and fatal mud.. Feverishly desiring the foul!

See this painted puppet, a heap of sores, a constructed form, diseased,
, falling apart, with many evil intentions, of no permanent stability,
or safety...
         In whomever such Awareness of the body as a dangerous & disgusting trap
         is not developed, not pursued, Mara gains entry, Mara gains a foothold...
         These 'body-lovers' become Mara's - the Evil One's - friends and soldiers!
         Not knowing, not seeing Suffering - the 1st Truth - they run about claiming:
         Body is beautiful, form is happiness, there is neither sickness, decay, ageing
nor any death! When Mara contacts them, they say: Come on in Sir, touch me!,
         it will be my honour and pleasure... Because of this false & wrong view, such
         feverish 'body-lovers' share a future painful destiny with Mara the Evil One!

Awareness of the Body gives fearlessness of even death!
Meditation_On_the_Body disables greed, lust and lewd desire!
The_9_Corpse_Meditations induces a bold, brave, and confident joy!

Source: Theragāthā:  verses 1150-1157

Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest!
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