Monday, May 28, 2012

How to stop recurring Distracting Thoughts?

1: Redirect attention to a different advantageous object:
Like when driving out a coarse peg from a piece of wood, using a fine peg,
can substitute and thereby replace :
A: Desire for living forms with thinking about a disgusting rotting corpse...
B: Desire for inanimate things with thinking about their impermanence...
C: Aversion towards living beings with the mental release of friendliness...
D: Aversion towards inanimate things by noting their composition...
E: Delusion, doubt, uncertainty & confusion by thorough investigation...
2: Consider the Danger in thoughts mixed with hate, greed & ignorance:
These thoughts of mine are disgusting, dangerous, bringing much misery
now & later, just like a young man or woman is disgusted & humiliated, if
somebody hangs a rotting carcass of a snake, dog or human around their
necks, so should one regard these disturbing distractions!

3: Stopping all flow of thought by Non-Attention and Non-Reflection: 
Like a man not wishing to see closes his eyes & turns away from the object.

4: Repeat reflection of the Root Cause of these Distractions:
Searching for the reason for these mental afflictions can cure them: 
Like a running man wishes calm finding no reason to run, starts walking...
Then finding no reason to walk, he sits down. Finding no reason to sit,
lies down and is cured!

5: Beating the evil mind down with the force of the good mind:

By clenching the lower teeth against the upper teeth, and pressing the
tongue up against the palate, like a strong man holds down a weak man by
the shoulders so should one beat down mind with mind. Then these evil, ill
& detrimental thoughts rooted in greed, hate, & ignorance are eliminated,
they vanish. By their evaporation mind settles down, becomes focused,
and unified on the purely good thought!

Attention Deficit occurs, when following after Distracting Thoughts!
Source: Moderate speeches of the Buddha: Majjhima Nikāya 21:
The Removal of Distracting Thoughts Full text and commentary is here:
Distractions Disturb Delight!
Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest!
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