Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why the Boy was Buddhist!

Deep Truths can indeed be told by a Child:
A pious Sri Lankan Boy once stated it stout, steady & straight:
I am a Buddhist, not merely because my parents are Buddhists, but out of
conviction! After coming to an understanding of the truth of the
Triple Gem, I decided to be a Buddhist... Whenever here starts a
, private, social or national event, the blessings of the Triple Gem
are invoked. But what does taking refuge in the Triple Gem really mean?
We must really understand this! Taking refuge in the Buddha means seeking
understanding Nibbāna (Nirvana). Man's freedom, or the road, which
to Nibbāna, is closed from time to time. The Noble Person, who finds
closed road and reveals it to the world is always the new Buddha!
The Dhamma, which we take refuge in, is the path to Nibbāna, preached by
Buddha. There are many eminent persons, who went along that path &
Nibbāna. They also teach us to go along this correct path.
Those eminent persons are called the Maha Sangha. However, the Buddha
not an automatic rescuer. We cannot get the freedom we are seeking by
praying to the Buddha. Most Buddhists offer flowers to the Buddha
statues. They hold religious festivals. But Buddhists do not do those things
satisfy the Buddha. They do it as a way to Nibbāna for all living beings.
Many offer flowers and go to temples to prove that they are practicing
. But if we observe the precepts & the religious teachings and
that gain a good understanding of the Dhamma, it will help us to become
good Buddhists and win a pleasurable and happy future. However, we can
& gain the truth of the Dhamma, only if we live  according to it...
Seeking the Dhamma is seeking the Buddha. So, I observe Buddhism by this
crucial taking refuge in the Noble Triple Gem… 
Dulani Dananga Kiriella, Rajasinghe Central College School, Grade 10,
, Sri Lanka.
Sadhu – Quite well spoken IMHO - …!!!

This sublime Buddha image is located at Kelaniya MahāVihara, Sri Lanka.

Have a nice & noble day!
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