Monday, July 8, 2013

How to quell all Revenge!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
If in your domain the enemy has hurt you,
Why should you torture your own mind,
This lies not in the enemy's territory?

Your kind family you left all behind,
Why don't you leave your enemy also,
and the hate, that brings so much torment?

We truly entertain & play with this gnawing
anger, which brings any good one wish to purify
to sole ruin, complete fiasco and full failure!!!
Can there exist any greater fool, than one in Anger?

When someone has done us wrong,
We fly into hot rage and fierce fury!
But why then do we thus repeat and commit
the same evil as we just blamed the others?

If somebody while wishing to worry you,
Has done you some wrong and vile thing,
Why do you worry then yourself,
And thereby satisfy his wish?
If you are in rage, and longing for revenge,
whether you return some evil to him or not,
You will evermore torture yourself with the
pain that always inherently is born of any hate!

If, out of rage and anger, your enemy
Should do you some real wrong & harm,
Why do you imitate his evil behaviour
By growing blind hate in your own mind?

That wrath and hate, through which the foe
Has done you some unpleasant thing,
That inner hate, indeed, you should destroy!
Then how can you worry without any cause?

Since moment after moment all vanishes,
so too will vanish those five groups and
clusters of clinging that have done you harm!
Who is it then you're angry with?
Nothing is left out there! It is all gone now!

If one person hates another person,
Whom does he hurt most, if not himself!
We are thus the cause of our own pain,
Why then do we hate the others after all?
Source: Visuddhimagga IX,22

Give the Enemy a Gift!
An almost infallible way to overcome all ill-will
towards the rival, is to present him with a gift!

The Enemy has been your family many times:
Another method is to consider the fact that the opponent
in former rebirths have been a near relation of oneself!
As the Buddha said:
Not easy is it, Bhikkhus, to find any being that, at some time
in this long round of rebirths, has not been your mother,
or father, or brother, or sister, or son, or daughter...
Source: SN 15:14-19
The worse of the two is one, who, when abused, retaliates.
One who does not retaliate, wins a battle hard to win.
Samyutta Nikāya 1.188

Revengeful thoughts are mental acid!
Curing Revenge is done with these 4 Divine States (Appamaññā Brahma-Vihāra):
Never take any Revenge!
Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest! Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]

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