Friday, July 26, 2013

The 3 Root States of all, that is Advantageous:

By means of Non-Greed, they are not greedy, lusty, desirous, yearning or longing.
Non-greed has the characteristic of easy absence of desire for any given object.
It does not cling, attach or adhere, but rolls off like a water drop on a lotus leaf!
The function of non-greed is not to lay hold on, grasp, fasten or cling to anything.
It is manifested as a state of not treating as a shelter, like one who leaves dirt...

Through Non-Hate, they do not react with hate, anger, irritation, or opposition.
Non-hate has the characteristic of lack of cruelty. Gently, it does not oppose...
Its function is to remove any fever of annoyance, and allay all fury exasperation.
Non-hate is manifested as a pleasant and mild agreeableness, like the full moon!

Due to Non-Delusion, they are not ignorant, confused, in doubt, or perplexed...
Non-delusion has the characteristic of seeing through, penetrating to the real
nature of phenomena, understanding their essence, and not just their appearance.
The function of non-delusion is to illuminate the object everywhere, like a lamp.
Non-delusion is manifested as non-bewilderment, like a clever guide in a forest.

These three states should be regarded as the roots of all that is advantageous!
Vism I 465.

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Absence of ill!
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