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A friend asked some Questions:

A friend asked some Questions:

Questions: At rebirth, the Buddha said that "I" is not passed on. What is?
Answer 1 please see:

2. If "I" does not exist, then why punish evil deeds in horrific hells, as the entity being
punished in the next samsara existence seemingly doesn't know why.
Answer 2:
There is no punishment, nor anybody being punished, nor anybody who punish!
There is only cause and effect. Specific causes have specific effects…
Neither is there any static entity anywhere, but just changing processes…
A psycho-physical flux drifting in the direction, it is directed by the circumstances!
This perpetual ‘drift’ first ends in Nibbāna: A state of neither coming nor going!
>the being seemingly doesn't know why!
This not knowing by not remembering is Ignorance: The deepest cause of all ill!

Buddha once explained this profundity:
In any dependence, there is inherently instability! If independent, then there is no instability!
When there is no liable instability, no feeble wavering, there is quiet calm, stillness, peace… 
When there is such solid tranquillity, then there is no tendency to drift, nor any attraction,
nor any pull, nor any push, nor any strain of appeal. 
When there is no attraction, no drift, no bending, then there is no movement, no development,
neither any coming, nor any going! When there is neither coming nor going, then neither can there
be any ceasing nor reappearing. When neither ceasing nor reappearing, there is no ‘here’ nor ‘there’
nor ‘beyond’ nor ‘in between’. This – just this – is the End of Suffering
Udana – Inspiration: VIII 4

Just as rust arising from iron eats away the base from which it arises,
even so, their own deeds lead transgressors to states of woe.
Dhammapada 18

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