Monday, January 24, 2011

Mind,brain and consciousness are all created in & by only the brain!

Our friend Bodhi Dhanapala ao. postulated:
Mind,brain and consciousness are all created in & by only the brain!

Without wishing to induce or participate in any folly dispute here
still wish just to point firmly out some salient facts:

1: ‘I’ was educated as Medical Doctor in Denmark and was associate
in bioinformatics before monkhood. I spent seven years
within the field of artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks
simulating neural functions such as learning, prediction etc. by using
main-frame Unix computer simulation…About this ‘I’ authored 22
scientific papers in peer-revived international scientific bio-medical
journals. That's a fact. The basics of neurology, neuro-anatomy and
neuro-physiology is thus almost childhood learning, still very present
and indeed also very valid for me. ‘I’ has never claimed otherwise!
2: Of course the brain obviously serves many mental functions
demonstrable by experiment, yet this does not prove
that it actually creates  consciousness itself. That's a fact too!

Like a man (consciousness), who lives in a house (brain) is not by that
created  by the house, yet still obviously he is very much affected
if the house (brain) is painted blue (by neuro-drugs) or falls half apart
(by neuro-surgery)…

Note the waves that goes ‘out’ of the brain here interacting elsewhere!

Friend Bodhi Dhanapala seems to have missed this crucial point:
The postulate:
“That consciousness & mind solely is localized in & to the brain”,
NOT A SCIENTIFIC FACT, but indeed a mere philosophical viewpoint!
This position is traditionally and academically designated ‘Philosophy of Mind’…

This naive materialistic viewpoint should a priori neither be taken for valid
or for granted, since this mind-body-brain problem is very much debated,
both within serious philosophy and serious biology & physics these years.
Those genuinely interested may enjoy:

May I especially recommend for beginners:
The Mind Brain Problem


The Mind-Brain Problem and Consciousness by Jay Gould

If consciousness if a wave-phenomena, then it’s worth to notice that the radio-waves
(in this case electro-magnetic radiation) from your mobile phone, not ONLY is inside
your phone, but also very much outside the phone! Otherwise it could not work hehe!
So also is consciousness a non-local phenomena…! An even further anti-dogmatic sweep:
All forms of energy, mass, & difference whether wave-like or partikel-like are non-local
= everywhere-present and entangled = everywhere effective = everywhere influential…!  
In physics that’s a quantum-mechnical and experimentally verifiable fact too:
Finally: From a strictly Buddhist viewpoint:
The highest level of Arūpā being in Buddhist cosmology is wellknown as the
formless level. There the beings does NEITHER have any form OR any BRAIN!
Still these beings are very much conscious and can think thoughts as subtle as:
“This space or this consciousness is infinite or even a void & empty nothingness”!
If Mr. Bodhi Dhanapala’s sweepingly simple brain=mind assumption is correct how
should these immaterial, both form and brainless, yet still very real beings, ever
be able to think even a single conscious thought???
Documentation on the 31 Planes of Existence:
A thorough study and prolonged reflection on the resources give here
above may happily prevent any further premature dogmatic conclusions
about this very interesting,
yet far from solved relation between mind
and brain…Examining it unbiased is far better IMHO, than jumping
into any hole of mere shooting-from-the-hip opinion
Why so? That's both irrational and unscientic…

a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]

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