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The Joy (Pîti) Link to Awakening!

The Joy (Pîti) Link to Awakening!

The Joy Link to Awakening (Pīti-sambojjhanga) has the characteristic
of suffusing contentment, and the property of gladdening satisfaction.
This Joy Link to Awakening manifests as mental elation, which can reach
five successively increasing degrees of intensity:

1: Minor Joy, which can raise the hair on the body when thrilled.
2: Momentary Joy, which is flashing like lightning at various occasions.
3: Showering Joy, which breaks over the body repeatedly like sea-waves.
4: Uplifting Joy, which can be strong enough to even levitate the body.
5: Pervading Joy, which is like a heavy sponge all saturated with water.
Visuddhimagga IV 94-9
The Buddha once said: What mental fermentations (āsava) should be
overcome by development? If a Bhikkhu by careful & rational attention
develops the Joy Link to Awakening based on seclusion, on disillusion,
on ceasing, & culminating in relinquishment, then neither can any mental
fermentation, nor any fever, or discontent ever arise in him. MN2 [i 11]

In one who has aroused enthusiastic energy, there arises a joy not of
this world & the Joy Link to Awakening emerges there. He develops it,
& for him it goes to the culmination of its development. MN118 [iii 85]

Any one convinced by understanding of Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha,
gets an enthusiastic sense of the sublime good goal of Nibbāna &
gains gladness connected, joined, and fused with this Dhamma!
In any one gladdened, Joy is born. The body of the Joyous is calmed.
One of calm body experiences pleasure and happiness! The mind of
one who is happy becomes concentrated. The concentrated mind
sees and knows things as they really are. This brings disgust and
disillusion, which enables full, and direct experience of mental release.
It is in this way that Joy indeed is a factor leading to Awakening!
MN [i 37-8], AN [iii 21-3], DN [iii 21-3]

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