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Regarding Rebirth Transmigration:

Regarding Rebirth Transmigration:
What the Buddha taught on rebirth is well documented:

Causes of favourable or painful rebirth: MN 135, AN III.65, Dhp 310, Dhp 316
Behaviour determines the destination after death: Dhp 17, Dhp 18, Dhp 240
The laws of kamma are as inviolable as the law of gravity: SN XLII.6
Why not just settle for divine rebirth among the devas?: SN V.7
The preciousness of our human life: SN XX.2, SN LVI.48
How to gain rebirth as an elephant or a horse: AN X.177
What's so bad about being reborn?: SN V.6

An Orthodox Buddhist explanation of the transmigration of consciousness:
Rebirth Explained: V. F. Gunaratna, BPS, Kandy, Wheel Publication No. 167-69
The contemporary Science on Rebirth:
Rebirth is IMHO scientifically well documented by 60 years of rigorous
research mostly by the late professor Ian Stevenson of Virginia University:
Consciousness is not continuous, but a series of discrete ultra-short moments.
This entails that one is "reborn" millions of times per second with each re-arising
of a new moment of consciousness! Also after the 'death' moment does consciousness
rearise! Life is -in fact- therefore not a single shot, but a chain-reaction of rebirths!
Please EXAMINE this crucial issue by WATCHING & REFLECTING over these Videos:

Please enjoy study here for rare details on Rebirth:
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