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Winning the Highest by Awareness!

Winning the Highest by Awareness!

Once when the Venerable Anuruddha was dwelling at Savatthi in
Jeta's Grove, in Anāthapindika's Park, a number of Bhikkhus went
to the Venerable
Anuruddha & exchanged polite greetings with him.
Then they sat down and asked the Ven.
Anuruddha: Venerable Sir: 
What has the Venerable Anuruddha developed & cultivated so that
he has attained to his famous greatness of direct knowledge?
He answered:
It is, friends, because I have developed and cultivated these four
Foundations of Awareness, that I have won great direct knowledge!
What four? Here, friends, I dwell constantly contemplating upon:
1: The
Body only as a formed group, neither as me, lasting, nor pleasure!
2: The
Feelings only as passing sensations, neither as mine, nor pleasure!
3: The
Mind only as temporary mentalities, neither as I, nor any self!
4: All
Phenomena only as mental states, neither as substance, nor real!
while eager,
clearly comprehending, & fully aware, thereby removing
any desire & frustration rooted in this world! It is, friends, because
I have developed & cultivated these
Four Foundations of Awareness,
that I have become empowered with the suprahuman forces: I see &
understand as it really is, any present defilement, the obstruction of,
the cleaning of, and the emergence from all the subtle
jhāna states,
all the deliverances, all concentrations, & all higher mental attainments. 
It is, because I have developed and fully refined these indeed supreme
Four Foundations of Awareness, that I by the full elimination of the
mental fermentations, in this very life enter & dwell in the stainless
release of mind, & release by understanding, realizing it myself with
direct knowledge, gained through direct experience...

Foundation of Awareness = 4 Great Frames of Reference!


Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:305-6]
section 52: Anuruddha. Thread 21+24: The jhānas & fermentations!

Have a nice aware day!
 Friendship is the Greatest!
 Bhikkhu Samāhita, Sri Lanka ]

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