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The Only Clever Killing:

The Only Clever Killing:
Sakka - the king of the 33 divinities - once
these verses to the Blessed Buddha:

Having slain what, does one sleep in ease?
Having slain what, does one never sorrow?
What is the one thing 0ohh Gotama
Whose killing you can approve?

The Blessed One:
Having slain Anger, one sleeps in ease;
Having slain Anger, one does not sorrow
The killing of Anger, 0ohh Vasava
its poisoned root and honeyed tip:
This is the killing, the Noble Ones approve.
For having slain that, one does not grieve.

Sakka continued:
I am not one easily upset in mind.
Nor easily agitated by anger's whirl.
I never become angry for long
does anger hang on in me.
When angry, I do not despise.
Nor do I praise own qualities.
I keep myself well under control.
Thus protecting my own good future!

Therefore: Bring Anger under control;
Do not let your friendships waste away.
Do not blame the one who is blameless;
not speak splitting or divisive speech.
Their own anger crushes enraged people.
Like the roaring mountain avalanche!

Do not let Anger overpower you;
Do not become angry with the angry.
Noble Ones always remain harmless.
Their own hate crushes angry people.
Like a devastating mountain avalanche.

Not by anger is Hate ever quenched.
Only by Kind Friendliness is Hate always quenched.
This Ancient Law is an
Eternal Truth ...
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Source: The Grouped sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya I 237-40
Have a nice & noble day!
Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]

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